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We’re building a digital asset network from the ground up. Being the Head of Product Design and responsible for building a team to bring world class and user-centered product design to our product line, we are starting with the basics: a corporate website, a design system and redesigning the onboarding/KYC workflow.  Next ramping up to design an arbitrage trading platform for institutional traders along with a suite of product offerings within the Apifiny network. More to come soon.

Project: Trading Platform

I led and executed the end-to-end design of the GBBO trading platform at Apifiny. Because of the unique business model and proposition value of an aggregated order book across multiple exchanges, the GUI needed to be intuitive yet stand out from the standard spot trading platforms already flooding the crypto market.  I collaborated with our distributed team: Product Management, Trading Technologies and Executive stakeholders in NYC and Front-End Engineering in Beijing throughout the product development lifecycle.  With each iteration, the user flow was tested with internal stakeholders and external clients to validate usability and business objective targets.


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Project: Onboarding & KYC

Prior to this major feature addition, the onboarding and KYC process for clients was completely manual which was sufficient when we were only onboarding beta users but not scalable as we grew our client base.  I was tasked with automating the entire process for individual and institutional traders for which I was excited to apply my learnings and takeaways from the similar project I executed at my former company. I collaborated cross-functionally with Product Management, Compliance, Legal, Frontend Engineers and Executive stakeholders and executed end-to-end interaction and visual design while simultaneously building our genesis proprietary design system.  Since our clientele was globally dispersed, I conducted user testing with both our US and China advisory panel of stakeholders.

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Project: Subscription Market Data

Market Data was a stand-alone subscription based product within our suite of crypto products.  Customers wouldn’t have to use any of our existing products to subscribe to market data which was targeted to professional traders to feed aggregated market data to their own trading systems.  This was a different business model than any of the other products I designed; I conducted competitive analysis on similar products in the industry as well as other popular subscription Finance and Technology services to streamline the process and make the user experience comparable to other familiar subscription services. The onboarding process for a Market Data client wouldn’t require any of the KYC compliance as new clients for the other flagship products so there is a separate user flow that branched from the primary onboarding user journey.

High-Fidelity Mockups


Project: Two-Factor Authentication

Project: Corporate Website

Project: Design System